Frequently Asked Questions

Increasing your property value

Q: How can I maximise the financial return of my property?
A: Maximising your return involves both increasing your income and minimising the cost, including property downtime (i.e. loss of unpaid rent). Home Made guarantees that you will receive the maximum value of your property, at the lowest possible cost. Home Made also has a track record of ensuring high quality tenants in the shortest possible timeframes.

Q: How do you use technology to support my property marketing?
A: We use top-notch technology to optimise your property marketing and ensure that it receives the best offers possible. We also use technology to optimise our operations, which allows us to charge the lowest level of fees in the industry.

Q: What potential tenants do you have access to?
A: We work with many relocation agencies and property websites. We also advertise on portals such as Rightmove, the source of >90% of property deals in the UK. We also have access to thousands of property seekers that are looking for properties just like yours.

Q: How should I prepare my property towards viewings?
A: Presenting your property well is key in securing the best rental price. Some simple house preparation could significantly increase the value of your property in the market. If you would like us to, we can suggest some simple ‘no hassle’ property presentation tips during the free valuation visit.

Working with Home Made

Q: Do low fees entail low-quality service?
A: No. Home Made employs top-performing and carefully selected agents, who will provide you with the best possible service. The majority of our agents are property owners as well, and will review each deal as if they were the property owners.

Q: Are you really offering extended viewings availability?
A: We are the only agency that is available until 10pm every day, on Sundays, and on Bank Holidays. While other agencies may claim to offer a 24/7 service, this usually means that they are open until 8pm, 5-6 days a week.  We know that in London many property seekers are hard-working and are unable to view properties during working hours, and we therefore offer late evening viewing and valuation service. So, even if a busy professional wants to rent on their way back from the office at 9pm, we’ll be available for them.

Q: How are viewings being coordinated?
A: We will contact you based on your preferred way of communication. Even if the property is unoccupied, we will update you on every viewing and the feedback given.

Q: What does it mean that you do not require commitment?
A: Unlike many agencies that will require payment eventually in exchange for their services, we believe that we deserve to be paid only upon a successful transaction. If you do not receive a satisfying offer, we will not charge fees.

Q: I am already using another agency’s services. Can I use Home Made too?
A: Subject to the terms of your existing agency agreement, you could also instruct us as an additional agent. We welcome competition, as we believe that this drives the best result for you, the customer.

Instructing Home Made

Q: Ok, I want to use Home Made! How do I start?
A: Great!! We can’t wait to work with you! All you need to do now, is to submit a valuation request, and then we’ll schedule a valuation of your property, discuss your preferred ways of working together, and take pictures of the property.

Q: What happens if my house is not let?
A: We take great pride in our track record when it comes to the effectiveness of our marketing techniques. We will work with you to help with property presentation, and will also identify additional marketing boosts that may be possible.

Q: What additional services do you offer?
A: We offer a full service. These services range from cleaning, maintenance, insurance advisory, and all the way to conveyancing. These services are served either independently or by our affiliates.

Sealing the deal

Q: How do you help me receive the best offer?
A: We will provide an unsolicited advice on whether a better offer is available.

Q: How do you ensure a successful offer?
A: Having accepted the offer does not mean that it is over. We carefully follow up with the other side, to ensure that all roadblocks have been removed, and ensure that the tenancy progression runs as smoothly as possible.

Q: How do you follow up on rental payments?
A: If you are using our Letting Introduction service, we will collect the first monthly rent. However, if you prefer to use our hassle-free property management service, we can manage all monthly payments on your behalf through one of our providers.

Applicant Fees and Payments

Payment of Intent

  • Following agreement of terms between the Landlord and the Applicant (offer agreed), a Payment of Intent (POI) equal to two weeks rent will be required, payable to Home Made. This payment is to indicate your commitment and we stop actively marketing the property once we’ve received it. The POI is off-set against your first month’s rent at the commencement of the tenancy.

Administration and Referencing Fees

  • Following agreement of terms between the Applicant and the Landlord, a non-refundable administration fee of £200+VAT is payable to Home Made.
  • Additionally, each Tenant and Guarantor will be charged a £50+VAT reference fee.

Security deposit

  • A minimum of six weeks rent is required as a security against damage, dilapidations, unpaid bills or any other sum owing by the Tenant to the Landlord at the end of the tenancy. In certain circumstances, the landlord will request a higher amount. The deposit is payable to Home Made in the form of cleared funds before a Tenancy can commence. It is held by the TDS (Tenancy Deposit Scheme) in a custodial scheme for the duration of the tenancy.

Other Fees

  • In the event that your tenancy is renewed for a further term, the cost for the preparation of the renewal documentation will be £100+VAT.
  • Should you wish to terminate your Tenancy before the end of the term, and the Landlord is in agreement that you may terminate early, you will be responsible for the repayment of the pro-rate commission paid in advance by the Landlord for the unexpired portion of the Tenancy. The exception is where you are exercising a break clause contained in the tenancy agreement.

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